The team at ARPA shares the vision of leading the research and development of solutions to improve people's lives. Since 1968, we have sought excellence through innovation.

Our mission is to design and manufacture sustainable solutions that change, or at least improve, the lives of those who use them anywhere in the world. Comprehensive, innovative and rapidly deployable solutions to support any task of any operator anywhere. We go where nobody else goes.

The team of people that form the company share the values of commitment, innovation, excellence, reliability and versatility.

We work to achieve the maximum social and business benefit based on responsibility and prioritising quality and the satisfaction of our main stakeholders: employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers, users and society in general.

We seek to provide solutions of value that go beyond our clients' expectations by applying our skills, new technologies and quality to every process in order to guarantee a sustainable supply chain that is committed to the end product and the environment.


In 2018, Arpa Equipos Móviles de Campaña celebrated 50 years. Looking to the future, with more projects and motivation than ever, Arpa has become an international benchmark with a solid trajectory, gaining extensive experience along the way and always ensuring the principles and values of its founder, my father, Antonio Arpa Romero. This is the motto that drives us: our designs and solutions aim to provide access to water, food, hygiene, habitability, sanitation, etc. for displaced groups or those in a precarious situation, either due to work reasons or emergencies, catastrophes, conflicts, etc. Always keeping in mind the vocation of service to those who dedicate their lives to helping people: any logistics solution for any operator anywhere in the world.

The main action points of the current strategic plan, which runs until 2020, are based on four key strategic goals: Internationalisation, Quality, Innovation and Sustainability.


Aware of the current challenges in our society and the international community, Arpa's determination and commitment is to facilitate work in the most adverse conditions: situations of armed conflict, scarcity, famine or natural disasters of all kinds. That is why the company's operating context is international, as these situations cross borders and are likely to affect a very diverse population around the world.


At ARPA, we are committed to the quality of our products and services. The satisfaction of our clients and users is our goal and that is the only way we know how to operate. Our goal is to focus on Total Quality and Continuous Improvement, which is why we have started to implement the LEAN philosophy in all areas of the company.


A key element for carrying out our work in a dynamic and competitive context, ensuring market share. By innovating and developing new designs, ARPA aims to offer an increasing number of benefits to its clients and end users and obtain positive results.

We want to encourage openness to evolution, wanting to do what we do even better based on the needs of our clients while attempting to make a contribution to sustainable social development.


ARPA accepts the challenge and commitment of providing comprehensive solutions for these missions, solutions that take into account respect for the environment and people from the design phase, as well as throughout their life cycle. We feel responsible for contributing not only to the sustainability of the company but also its immediate context and all of our stakeholders, with the firm conviction that we will continue working to create opportunities that allow us to evolve and grow, learning from our experiences and tackling future challenges with enthusiasm.

Our logistics solutions are increasingly focused on helping future generations face these challenges, with our developments and our humble but firm disposition. We will continue setting new goals and challenges for ourselves to keep growing and evolving as a company, a future project and, above all, as individuals.

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