Logistics - Hangars

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Logistics - Fuel control office

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Logistics - Parachute storage

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Logistics - Ammunition storage

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Logistics - Mimetic Networks

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Logistics - Command and Control

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Logistics - Flexible deposit

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Logistics - Tanker truck

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Logistics - Rigid tank

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Logistics - Workshop shop

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Logistics - Gabions

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Logistics - Specific workshop

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Logistics - Mobile units

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Camp - Logistics

Far beyond the solutions themselves, there is the concept of services. We encompass everything that is required for the main activity to be carried out in Logistics.

  • Workshops
  • Fuel Centers
  • People / baggage
  • control systems
  • Hangars / runways…

Everything you need so that whatever your activity is, it has everything you need peripherally so that it can be carried out.

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ARPA EMC designs, manufactures, transports, installs, shapes and maintains turnkey Camps, providing them with all the necessary products and systems such as: Energy, Water and Sanitation, Accommodation, Waste, Food, Health, Communications and Logistics.

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