BASF launches its podcast ‘Conversations for a sustainable future’. 1

BASF launches its podcast ‘Conversations for a sustainable future’.


– The general director of the company in Spain, Carles Navarro, will talk with ten personalities from the field of sustainability.
– The episodes of this first season will be available on the main platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Ivoox.

Learn from the best. This is the spirit in which BASF has created its first podcast in Spain: ‘Conversations for a sustainable future’. During ten chapters, the general director of the multinational in the country, and the head of the company’s activities in the Iberian Peninsula, Carles Navarro, will interview personalities who are leading the current transformation of society. Experts and leading organizations will star, month after month, in these talks that aim to publicize transformative projects, inspire and generate a great alliance based on knowledge to accelerate the path to a sustainable world. The SDGs, the energy transition, electric mobility or the role of science in this planetary challenge will be some of the topics that will be addressed.

The first chapter is available from today on the main podcasting platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Ivoox) and has the participation of Clara Arpa, CEO of Arpa Equipos Móviles de Campaña (EMC) and president of the Spanish Global Compact Network . In this first talk, Carles Navarro and Clara Arpa discuss the 2030 agenda, the level of compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals in Spain, the role of Europe in this global transformation and the importance of small changes and actions in all facets of the life.

Clara Arpa shows her passion and optimism in this first episode, despite the current climate emergency situation. He believes that the cause is increasingly welcoming more followers, that it must be assumed that sustainability has its cost and encourages SMEs and consumers to feel that they are protagonists of this transformation. For her, there is no small change.

Among the next invited people will be personalities such as the scientific communicator Deborah García Bello; the founder and CEO of the renewable energy company HolaLuz, Oriol Vila; or the founder and CEO of Ametller Origen, Josep Ametller.