Spanish Global Compact Network calls for more action and values ​​European involvement 1

Spanish Global Compact Network calls for more action and values ​​European involvement


The president of the Spanish Network of the Global Compact, Clara Arpa, has urged civil society to add “small actions” against climate change to resume the commitment to sustainability and thus take advantage of the “inertia” of European organizations in this matter .

For Arpa, as she commented during his speech on the podcast organized by BASF Spain ‘Conversations for a sustainable future’, Europe has created its “own ecosystem” with the Green Pact and the covid-19 regeneration and recovery funds.

“We are fortunate to be in Europe, which takes it seriously,” she remarked after adding that the different actions that are being designed create “the inertia to launch ourselves and be able to comply with a large part of the 2030 Agenda.”

European Green Pact
The European Green Deal was born a year and a half ago with the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and, at a recent summit, the 27 agreed to reduce greenhouse emissions by 55% over the current decade.

As for European aid, at least a third of the common crisis recovery package will be allocated to green investments, representing an approximate amount of almost 2 trillion euros.

However, Arpa has warned that “little progress has really been made” and that there is still “a lot of word”, which is why she has considered it necessary to actively shape all these projects.

Thus, in her opinion, they all play an important role in this challenge and are “part of the transformation”, which is why concrete measures are urgently needed to reach the conscience of citizens.

Commitment through the Global Compact and the SDGs
The general director of BASF Spain, Carles Navarro, who leads the company’s podcast, has agreed that the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not yet familiar terms “for the vast majority”.

Therefore, understanding these purposes and knowing what they oblige us to are fundamental processes under his criteria to reduce the impact of daily life on the environment and achieve sustainability levels.

Navarro thanked the president of the Spanish Global Compact Network for her participation in this first program and her “optimistic recipe” to get “everyone to take action”.

“In the future I see that everything will be better because we will have achieved a large part of the objectives, the vast majority of people will be on the path of sustainability and we will be able to advance towards the challenges of 2050. The green shoots will be real grasslands”, he concluded Harp.

Podcast: ‘Conversations for a sustainable future’
‘Conversations for a sustainable future’ will have 10 episodes in this first season, available on digital platforms -Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Ivoox-, and will have the presence of, among others, the scientific communicator Deborah García Bello; the founder of HolaLuz, Oriol Vila; or the founder of Ametller Origen, Josep Ametller; who will talk about the evolution of society in the current context.