ARPA GOWN (Dual and reusable)


Reusable, breathable, waterproof and lightweight gown, designed for protection against
biological risks, microorganisms and fluids.


Surgical gown (SP) Class I- Reusable 20 washes. Regulation EN-13795 : 2020

Protection gown (PPE) -Category III Type PB6-B  Reusable 30 washes. Regulation EN-14126, EN-13688.

Sterilization method:

• Washing (60-90ºC).
• Apt for Dryer.


Material: Interlock PES fabric 100%+ PU 20 microns.

Breathability: 240-320 g water/ m2 24 hours (ASTM E96:95 BW).

Weight: 80 g/m2.


• Certified as a Sanitary Product (SP) of the class I according to the EN-13795 : 2020.
• Certified as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category III type PB6-B according to the EN-14126,
EN-13688 by EC Notified Body 0161.
• Resistant to dry and wet microbial penetration, liquids and bacteria.
• Resistant to abrasion, breakage and tension.

Closing system: velcro on the neck prevents the gown from opening and a tape on the lateral side allows the gown
to close itself and adjustment to the waist comfortably and easily.
Elastic cuffs adaptable to the size of the wrist.

Dimensions: 120 cm long, 65 cm wide.


  • SP: ARPA E.M.C., the company authorized by The Spanish Medicine and Health Products Agency (AEMPS)
    (REF: 7812-PS).
  • PPE: Certified CE 0161
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