ARPA is constantly evolving and fully engaged in a process of actively and voluntarily contributing to the social, economic and environmental improvement of the company itself.

To that end, a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has been set up to act as an internal advisory body with no executive functions but with the power to inform, advise and propose actions within its field of expertise.

RSA+ Seal of Quality

The Social Responsibility Council of Aragón, which coordinates implementation of the CSR Plan and is made up by CEOE Aragón, CEPYME Aragón, UGT Aragón, CCOO Aragón and IAF on behalf of the Regional Government of Aragón, approved the creation of the RSA+ Seal of Quality in 2018. This seal of quality on corporate social responsibility seeks to encourage organisations that are awarded it to further develop key CSR issues.

The RSA+ Seal of Quality is a step forward in terms of social responsibility and promotes four issues:

  • A balance between personal, family and work life, in line with the guidelines promoted by the Directorate-General for Equality and Family
  • The promotion of equality in all types of organisation, prioritising the same opportunities and the principle of non-discrimination
  • Volunteering and social action, promoting partnerships between companies and non-profit entities in order for them to be stable relationships and encouraging use of the Cooperation Bureau and involvement by organisations in cultural promotion actions in Aragón, strengthening their relationship with the environment and commitments from organisations to the Sustainable Development Goals and compliance with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Sustainability Report

The ARPA Sustainability Report can be downloaded from this link

Sustainability Report

Equality Plan

The ARPA Equality Plan can be downloaded from this link

Equality Plan

Code of Conduct

The ARPA Code of Conduct can be downloaded from this link

Code of Conduct
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