Mr. Antonio Arpa Romero sets up the company on Calle Cortes de Aragón.

The first mobile field kitchens are delivered to the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

First international sale.

First supply of 100 ARPA mobile kitchens.

PRunners-up Prize for Export Business.

ARPA develops its first kitchens and refrigerators in 20’ containers.

Total of 1,300 mobile kitchens supplied to the Spanish Armed Forces.

First Prize for Export Business.

Export Leader Trophy.

ARPA builds first Refugee Camp to house 1,000 people for the Spanish Civil Protection Force.

ARPA supplies Mozambique with its first field hospital.

ARPA builds the Inturjoven Camp for EXPO ‘92.

First 325 drinking water treatment plants supplied.

Vendor Prize.

Prize to one of the best Spanish companies.

ARPA obtains ISO 9001 quality certification.

First sale of containerised integrated food systems to the US marines.

ARPA opens new installations spanning more than 26,000 m2 in La Muela.

ARPA supplies the first mobile hangars for helicopters to the Afghan Army.

Mr. Antonio Arpa Romero dies.

The Ministry of Defence awards the white medal of military merit to Antonio Arpa for his contribution to the Spanish Armed Forces.

First supply of the habitability system to the Chile and Argentina Peacekeeping Force.

Receipt of NATO certification of compliance with NATO’s PECAL/AQAP 2110 and 2130 quality standards.

The Brazilian army receives its first 125 ARPA 2000 mobile field kitchens.

A first contract is signed with the UN for 25 mobile kitchens.

Award of ISO 14001:2004 certification of environmental management systems.

The TECHCOMM division is set up. The first modular data centre is supplied.

ARPA is given its most ambitious project to date, a contract to supply seven field hospitals to Saudi Arabia.

ARPA signs two contracts in Algeria for the supply of 373 refrigerated containers and 68 mobile kitchens.

Framework agreement with UNGSC for United Nations peacekeeping missions

Runners-up Prize for Export Business.

Internationalisation Prize.

Overseas Promotion Prize.

Business Excellence Prize.

Clara joins the governing council of the United Nations Global Compact.


The Ministry of Defence awards the white medal of military merit to Clara Arpa for her contribution to the Spanish Armed Forces.