Water - Catchment

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Water - Strategic storage

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Water - Strategic storage

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Water - Generation

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Water - Potabilization

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Water - Distribution network

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Water - Consumer solutions

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Water - Sanitation network

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Water - Waste management

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Camps - Water

Water, as a necessary and scarce natural resource, requires a very high degree of specialization in order to optimize it to the maximum. That is why at ARPA we design and manufacture all the components of the water cycle.


  • Catchment
  • Storage
  • Potabilization
  • Generation
  • Distribution
  • Pickup
  • Waste water
  • Treatment

They are specifically designed for each need in order to optimize this valuable resource.

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ARPA EMC designs, manufactures, transports, installs, shapes and maintains turnkey Camps, providing them with all the necessary products and systems such as: Energy, Water and Sanitation, Accommodation, Waste, Food, Health, Communications and Logistics.

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