Accomodation - Low-pressure tent

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Accomodation - Medium-pressure tent

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Accomodation - High-pressure tent

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Accomodation - Tubular structure

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Accomodation - Aluminium structure

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Accomodation - Modular housing

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Accomodation - Modular multipurpose

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Accomodation - Logistics warehouses

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Accomodation - Modular office and residence

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Accomodation - Modular for housing and health

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Accomodation - Container solutions1:1(12m2)

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Accomodation - Container solutions 2:1(24m2)

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Camp - Accomodation

Light tents, tents, low-medium-high pressure pneumatic tents, prefabricated modules or ,modular buildings, accommodation containers/shelters…

Different solutions for different needs. In each case, ARPA provides the accommodation solution that best suits your needs.

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