Rural medicine projects

rural medicine

Our company will provide the design and logistics to efficiently build the best rural medicine network for your project. Our offer ranges from a solution for minor infrastructures and mobile units to the construction of a modular clinic or hospital, even on more than one floor.

Our company can also offer the maintenance and management service for your socio-healthcare infrastructures.

Distance from urban centres should no longer be an excuse for not providing superb healthcare services to your patients. We have more than 50 years of experience in the sector and work with high-quality materials to guarantee a logistics design and solution fully capable of meeting your requirements.

The goal of any rural medicine project is to offer integrated, respectful, equal and humane healthcare services to those people living furthest from conventional health centres.

To do so, ARPA offers health education and training programmes, brings value to the entire project chain and offers the necessary solutions or products throughout all stages, phases and parts of the project to enable complete success.

Our experience in all these areas guarantees the outstanding quality of the final result.

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