Modular hospitals

Rural infrastructure

We are experts in the design of modular hospital infrastructures, capable of offering effective solutions for the chosen location. We can even build modular hospitals or clinics on more than one floor.

We design integrated healthcare buildings fitted with all the material needed for complete medical attention, including options for resident housing, permanent hospital admissions, etc.

Experience and professionalism

We have built modular hospitals in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our panels and modules are manufactured in Spain, and the high quality of our materials guarantee a long useful life.

At ARPA, we design and deploy your hospital from scratch. This means that you can choose from our range of ready-to-go modular solutions or design a custom hospital based on your requirements and needs.

The construction project is entirely managed by ARPA personnel and begins with building a concrete floor platform in the desired location. Our personnel then coordinate the installation of all the building components while also training local staff on the subsequent maintenance of the facility.

Our company has specialists in all the necessary areas, and we can offer the equipment for plumbing, electricity, sanitation, etc. We deal with the entire design and execution process to provide you with the best construction guarantee within the time and deadline agreed.

All the ancillary equipment, such as generators, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitation, medical gases, vacuum, etc. is all designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by ARPA, with training for the local staff who will operate this equipment in the future.

Efficient distribution of space

The interior of our hospitals will provide an ideal space for patient care. Comfort for staff and the movement of stretchers and wheelchairs. Separate rooms are included for the privacy needed to provide healthcare to each patient.

We make the most of natural sunlight to illuminate all the spaces and reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

The quality of our walls and floors is certified to guarantee optimal results for providing socio-healthcare services to patients while also making it easier to thoroughly clean, disinfect and maintain the facility.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or questions you may have about the modular and field hospitals from ARPA EMC. We will be happy to help.

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