Healthcare emergencies


When time and safety are of the essence, our company will be there to meet your healthcare logistics requirements. Our field solutions can be supplied in tents or modular units. All of them are turnkey projects with all the medical equipment necessary to begin operating once installed.

Field Hospitals in Tents. Level I


  • Basic vital support.
  • Transport for those injured in battle.
  • Treatment of minor wounds

Trailer-mounted or aerial platform rapid deployment field hospitals.

An excellent alternative when rapid deployment is required in hard-to-reach places.

Transportable by aeroplane or helicopter on five aerial platforms or on trailers. With a lightweight design and compact equipment to reduce assembly time.

The electricity generator and air conditioning equipment is built in to an adapted platform.

Tent-based and containerised mixed hospitals. Level II.


  • Evacuation from LEVEL I.
  • Resuscitation, triage, surgery, stabilisation.
  • Basic lab and radiology modules.
  • Combat stress treatment.
  • Emergency dental treatment.

Combinations of ARPA (1/1), (2/1) and (3/1) trailer-mounted or containerised medical modules with ARPA corridors and incorporating the necessary tents and containers to expand healthcare capabilities with laboratories, radiology, dentistry or logistics support systems.

Hospitals with between 50 and 500 beds, customised configurations to incorporate the necessary medical specialities.

ARPA also provides all the logistics support services for fully autonomous operation of the hospital. Food services, water and power infrastructures, laundries, hygiene services, bedrooms…

Containerised Hospitals. Level III.


  • Specialised diagnosis resources.
  • Specialised surgical and medical capabilities.
  • Preventive medicine.
  • Dentistry, ophthalmology, gynaecology and other specialities.

From design to deployment and training. ARPA accompanies you throughout all stages of the project.

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