construcción modular
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Modular construction


Modular construction solutions for housing: tents, containers, offices, etc.

Modular construction offers a practical and efficient solution when constructing infrastructures for an immediate housing, logistics or field operations response. The systems are suitable for both short- and long-term housing deployments.

Lightweight and heavyweight tents, mobile units and all kind of containers; prefabricated construction for maritime transport or expandable containers; as well as different modular construction methods designed to create short-lived or permanent installations.

Our modular construction models are designed to be deployed in situ, offering a fast and lasting response to transitory housing, storage or office needs.

Our structures are designed to be connected through modular construction methods, guaranteeing a fast and reliable response for short-lived, temporary or permanent projects.

Designed and manufactured in Spain by our specialists using high-quality and durable materials, they can be transported and installed anywhere on the planet. This is one of the main advantages of modular construction systems.

Their design reduces transportation space to make the most of cargo capacity by land, sea or air.

The modular construction solutions offered by ARPA are manufactured using lightweight, semi-rigid and structural materials. This means we can design projects to best suit the needs and geographical and/or weather conditions of the deployment location.

Our lightweight and heavyweight modular design tents are ideal for short-term deployments. They can be a fast and effective option.

Our modular construction designs adapt to corporate, operational and/or personal requirements. They are also a highly convenient option for the rapid construction of a private housing project, a second home or social housing project.

We also design and manufacture modular construction solutions in containers, tubular structures and aluminium structures. We always offer the best solution and our recognised level of quality.

Why choose an ARPA modular construction system?

  • Personalised advice
  • Prefabricated modules
  • Easy transportation
  • Tailored to the requirements of your project
  • Deployment in the chosen area
  • Interconnectivity
  • The infrastructure can grow or shrink as required
  • Rigid and lightweight options
  • Strong materials
  • Re-usable
  • Multiple size options
  • Guaranteed quality

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