Fuel control office
Parachute storage
Ammunition storage
Mimetic nets
Command & control
Complementary equipment
Flexible tank
Fuel station
Rigid fuel tank
Fuel security raft
Retail distribution
Workshop tent
Spare part tent
Specific workshop
Mobile units
Oficina control combustible Almacenaje paracaidas Almacenaje munición Almacenaje munición Redes miméticas Comando y control HangaresEquipos complementarios Depósito flexible Depósito flexible Camión cisternaGasolinera Tanque rígidoBalsa seguridadDistribución minorista Tienda tallerCheckpoint GabionesTienda repuestos Taller específico Taller específico Unidades móviles

Logistics storage and infrastructure

Logistics – defence

Specific solutions for military missions, ranging from refuelling solutions to hangars

Turnkey solutions designed and provided by ARPA for efficient transportation of goods and equipment, such as fuel, vehicles or even materials that require camouflage or special storage or transportation conditions, such as munitions, explosives or parachutes.

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