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Technology evolves and Defence needs to evolve with it. That’s why ARPA has created TechComm, its technology division that brings together the latest advancements and innovations for use in consolidated products or to head up new products.

Technological evolution has arrived and, with it, information on the battlefield is crucial.

The ARPA TechComm Division has robust equipment to generate and maintain consistently safe and available information.

The newest and most technological advanced division of ARPA offering all the latest rapid deployment telecommunications infrastructures, such as Data Centres and Network Operation Centres, Software, Hardware, Tactical and Mobile Satellite UAVs, Massive Communications Systems, etc.

Prefabricated data center modules and design:

We are experts in the manufacture and design of modular data centers. Our experience in the field of telecommunications in emergency situations allows us to offer adapted solutions and prefabricated data centers with different capacities and functionality

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Containerized data center modules examples:

Communications 1 data centers
Communications 2 data centers
Communications 3 data centers
Communications 4 data centers
Communications 5 data centers
Communications 6 data centers
Communications 7 data centers