Aimed at responding to the logistics deployment requirements of armed forces, police forces and other para-military corps, both domestically within national borders and for wider international operations in remote areas or hard-to-reach places.

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Tailor-made logistics solutions for all types of NGO and civilian organisations on peacekeeping, development and international aid missions, as well as any public or private company and government departments needing to take action in remote areas.

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This is a fundamental human right, and we focus our efforts on ensuring that all our medical solutions are highly mobile. They range from mobile units, rural clinics, permanent hospitals, rapid deployment mobile hospitals and specialised infrastructure to telemedicine.

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With a priority focus on reducing the impact of catastrophes on the general population, our emergency infrastructures come with high availability and operational capacity. Such situations need to be resolved urgently and our systems are up to the task.

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From water generation to waste water treatment. Blue water cycle.

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